What I Do...

For Swingers and Nudists
  • Teach the basics of swinging to singles and couples

    • online profile enhancement

    • how to approach other couples

    • swinger etiquette

    • how to manage troublesome scenarios

    • assist couples in enjoying the swinging lifestyle to the fullest

    • managing jealousy and insecurities

    • managing polyamory

    • overcoming fears about bisexual play

  • Help swingers get comfortable with the swinging environments

    • dealing with new play partners

    • sexual performance in group settings

    • preparation for new sexual experiences

    • how to enhance your sex life with BDSM

    • Men: being able to perform with a condom

  • Help men and women be multi-orgasmic

    • Men: experience orgasms without ejaculation

    • Women: experience female ejaculations (squirting)

  • Hypnosis for new sexual experiences
  • Men:  Performance Issues

    • erectile dysfunction

    • premature ejaculation

    • orgasm on command

    • insecurities about penis size

  • Transforming bad past sexual experiences

For BDSM, Kinksters, and Fetishists
  • Enhance D/s relations

    • Tops and bottoms

    • Dominants and submissives

    • Master/Mistress and slaves

    • Daddies/Mommies and little

    • Poly Families

  • Fetish and Kink Enhancement, including but not limited to:

    • fantasy role play

    • erotic humiliation and degradation

    • hypnotic chastity

    • adult baby diaper lovers

    • female/male superiority

    • bisexual play

    • cross dressing, feel more masculine or feminine

    • furries

    • pet play

    • pain management

  • Just as I can enhance the play mentioned above, I also have techniques to reduce the power a fetish or kink has over you.

  • Help Transgenders feel more comfortable with transitioning

  • Help Kinksters and Fetishists find peace and come to terms with their kinks and fetishes

  • Help you enjoy the BDSM lifestyle to the fullest

  • Undo “commands” and “triggers” from previous Hypnosis sessions

  • Help manage Top Drop and sub drop

  • Self Acceptance and Self Love

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You're not the first!

I realize you might have some questions about what I do.  You can send me an email, however, this is a copy/cut/paste world.  For your privacy and mine, I do not answer any specific questions by email.  All perspective clients MUST do a Zoom Consultation so I can best assess what it is you're looking for.  The consultation is $85 an hour.  You can apply this amount towards your first session or hypnosis session package, using the code I give you at the end of your consultation should I decide to accept you as a client.