The Tampa Bay Hypnosis Hangout meets every month during the 2nd week of the month.

Meetings are now taking place via zoom so anyone can attend virtually!  The group is open to all levels of Hypnotists and Hypno-Enthusiasts from all over the country.  A topic is chosen monthly, and either Miss HypnoTits or a guest hypnotist leads the discussion and demo.

The Tampa Bay Hypnosis Hangout was originally started as The Tampa Bay Erotic Hypnosis Group in August of 2016.  We met at The Phoenix Club in Largo, FL but with Covid-19 the meeting was switched to a Zoom format. 

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Self Hypnosis for Happiness!

Thursday, July 7th, 8pm Eastern

Are you tired of battling the negativity that seems to hit from every direction?  I know I am.  I decided to create a technique to protect your heart from hate so I could help myself and stay positive and happy, and I'd like to share this with you.  I know, you might be thinking "What's the catch?"  Truth is, there isn't one.  This isn't a sales pitch to buy anything.  I tape record these webinars and show them to perspective clients so they have an idea of what it's like to work with me.  I send you emails once or twice a week with positive goodies so you can keep the happy going.  In the event you need an attitude upgrade down the road, I hope you'll remember the nice lady from Wings Hypnosis.  There's your catch.

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